nationalsecuritylaw one last thing: the National Security Law Podcast

Dear friends,

As you know, this listserv is largely-confined to updates on terrorism-related prosecution matters these days. It occurred to me, though, that many of you might be interested in knowing about “The National Security Law Podcast,” which I began with my colleague Steve Vladeck (also a professor at UT) several months ago.

The show runs weekly, and usually last about an hour. We pick a handful of recent developments relating to national security and law, and debate them thoroughly.

Our aim is for the show to be insightful even for experts on the topic de jour, yet accessible to anyone who has a taste for getting into the weeds (including, notably, non-lawyers). Another goal is to model respectful disagreement and debate, and sometimes—gasp—we even persuade one another to change views. I should probably also warn you that we are a more than a bit irreverent (some would say dorky), and that we end each episode with digressions into sports, Game of Thrones, and the like!

So far, we are reaching about 6,000 listeners a week. Give us a try (and a review on iTunes or whatever you might use for podcasts), and please spread the word to anyone else who might be interested.

It’s all free, of course. The podcast homepage is here (, and you can subscribe on iTunes here (



Robert Chesney (website)

Charles I. Francis Professor in Law and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs | The University of Texas School of Law

Director | The Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security and Law (website)

512.232.1298 | Twitter: @bobbychesney | Blog: | Scholarship: SSRN page

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