nationalsecuritylaw United States v. Saleh (E.D.N.Y.) (indictment in ISIL case)

August 11, 2015

This one became public with the arrest back in June. Now theres an indictment from a grand jury in the Eastern District of New York. Indictment attached, press release details below:

WASHINGTON Yesterday, a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of New York returned an indictment charging Munther Omar Saleh, 20, of Queens, New York, with conspiring and attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), and assault and conspiracy to assault federal officers. The same indictment also charges Fareed Mumuni, 21, of Staten Island, New York, with conspiring and attempting to provide material support to ISIL, assault and conspiracy to assault federal officers and attempted murder of federal officers.

The defendants arraignments are scheduled for Aug. 20, 2015, at 11:00 a.m. EDT, before U.S. Magistrate Judge James Orenstein of the Eastern District of New York at the U.S. Courthouse in Brooklyn, New York.

As alleged in the indictment and in other court filings, during the conspiracy, the defendants expressed fervent support for ISIL. Saleh and Mumuni conspired to conduct an attack in the United States, including plotting to use a pressure cooker bomb in the New York metropolitan area on behalf of ISIL. On June 13, 2015, Saleh and another individual were arrested in Queens after they approached a federal agent while armed with knives. On June 17, 2015, during the execution of a search warrant at his residence in Staten Island, Mumuni was arrested after repeatedly stabbing an FBI agent in the torso with a large kitchen knife. Fortunately, the knife did not penetrate the agents body armor. During a search of the vehicle used by Mumuni, investigators recovered a second large knife.

According to the indictment, Munther Omar Saleh and Fareed Mumuni conspired to provide material support to ISIL and devised a plan to conduct an attack in New York. During his arrest, Mumuni stabbed an FBI agent numerous times, but thankfully the agents body armor protected him from the defendants attack and the defendant was safely apprehended by law enforcement, said Assistant Attorney General Carlin. Counterterrorism is the National Security Divisions highest priority and we will continue to seek justice against those who conspire to provide material support to designated foreign terrorist organizations and we will relentlessly pursue any individuals who attempt to harm the brave law enforcement officials who risk their lives to protect us.

As alleged in the indictment, both Munther Omar Saleh and Fareed Mumuni demonstrated their support for ISIL by attacking the law enforcement officers, said Acting U.S. Attorney Currie. The arresting officers exercised extraordinary skill and remarkable restraint in subduing the defendants, who will now face the full force of justice in federal court.

These indictments remind us of the dangers faced by law enforcement and the community alike, said Assistant Director in Charge Rodriguez. The FBI remains vigilant in its pursuit against violence and restrained in its apprehension of such offenders. We are grateful for the safety of our agents and will continue to work to eliminate threats to our country with the help of our law enforcement partners.

Stabbing an FBI agent and providing ‎material support to a designated terrorist organization are a recipe for indictment, as alleged, said Commissioner Bratton. I commend the agents and detectives from the Manhattan-based Joint Terrorism Task Force and prosecutors in the Eastern District for their work on this case.

If convicted, Mumuni faces a maximum sentence of 85 years imprisonment and Saleh faces a maximum sentence of 65 years imprisonment. The charges in the indictment are merely allegations, and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

Saleh and Mumuni Indictment.pdf

nationalsecuritylaw United States v. Young (N.D. Miss.) (arrest of Mississippi couple for attempt to provide material support to ISIL)

August 11, 2015

And another one, this time from Mississippi. Once more it appears that social media postings drew FBI’s attention in the first instance. The criminal complaint and underlying affidavit are attached (alas the document appears to have duplicated pages throughout), and the press release details are below:

WASHINGTON – A Starkville, Mississippi, couple was arrested over the weekend for allegedly conspiring and attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a designated foreign terrorist organization.

Jaelyn Delshaun Young, 20, and Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla, 22, were charged by criminal complaint with conspiring and attempting to provide material support to ISIL. They appeared this morning for preliminary and detention hearings before U.S. Magistrate Judge S. Allan Alexander of the Northern District of Mississippi. Young and Dakhlalla were denied bond and remanded to the custody of the U.S. Marshal Service.

According to the criminal complaint filed in this case:

This investigation began in May 2015, when the defendant expressed a desire to travel to Syria in support of ISIL, and made several supportive statements about the designated foreign terrorist organization. Both defendants subsequently expressed their readiness to travel overseas to join ISIL.

The defendants procured passports and made arrangements to fly to Istanbul via Amsterdam. On or about Aug. 8, 2015, Young and Dakhlalla travelled to the Golden Triangle Regional Airport in Columbus, Mississippi, for their international flight. The defendants were arrested and, according to the complaint, were interviewed and both confessed to attempting to travel to Turkey to join ISIL in Syria.

The charge in the complaint carries a maximum of potential penalty of 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.


Young and Dakhkalla Complaint.pdf