nationalsecuritylaw new resource: ICRC First Research & Debate Cycle: New Technologies and the Modern Battlespace

May 22, 2014

From our friends at the ICRC:

Launch of the ICRC First Research & Debate Cycle: New Technologies and the Modern Battlespace

In recent years, a wide array of new technologies has entered the modern battlefield, giving rise to new methods and means of warfare, such as cyber attacks, armed drones and robots. While there can be no doubt that IHL applies to them, applying pre-existing legal rules to new technologies may raise the question of whether the rules are sufficiently clear in light of the new technologies’ specific characteristics and foreseeable humanitarian impact.

Each of these new technologies raises a host of issues, which the first Research & Debate Cycle proposes to discuss. From March to June 2014, several publics events will be organized around the globe, with a view to answering several objectives:
• connecting academics and researchers on international humanitarian law, scientists, military representatives, human rights lawyers, policy-makers and practitioners,
• facilitating discussion, exchange of knowledge and new ideas in relation to the theme of the cycle,
• ensuring a global outreach, through the involvement of relevant ICRC delegations and contacts in the field,
• proposing multi-disciplinary solutions to the questions identified.

On March 25, the inaugural panel presented the various ethical, legal, scientific, and military issues that new technologies raise for humanitarian law and action, and which the subsequent events will strive to answer. The recording of the panel, as well as several interviews with the speakers, is now available on the ICRC’s website.

Watch the video here

Keep informed of the Cycle’s upcoming events, podcasts, interviews and reference documents here.

nationalsecuritylaw call for papers: AALS Section on National Security Law session on the NSA

May 22, 2014

Our friends at the AALS Section on National Security Law have the following call for papers. Sounds like a terrific session is in the works!

The NSA and AALS January 2015: Call for Papers

The American Association of Law Schools (AALS) Section on National Security invites abstracts for the selection of two panelists for its 2015 Annual Meeting program, “The National Security Agency and the Rule of Law.” The topic is timely, including changes in Fourth Amendment doctrine, statutory frameworks, and presidential guidance. Abstracts that explore the balance between liberty and security in a shifting threat landscape are welcome. The Journal of National Security Law and Policy will publish the two papers chosen by the Section’s Program Committee (and may publish other papers designated by the Committee); the two authors will present their papers as part of the Section Program in Washington, D.C. on January 2-5, 2015. This invitation is open to all full-time faculty members at AALS member schools. Abstracts, which should be no more than 1,000 words in length, should be submitted by August 15, 2014 to section chair Peter Margulies of Roger Williams University School of Law, pmargulies.