nationalsecuritylaw upcoming event: Loyola Symposium, “National Security Law, Policy, and Practice” (Chicago, Feb. 7, 2014)

January 22, 2014

Please see the attached announcement!

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nationalsecuritylaw upcoming event: Duke Law Annual National Security conference

January 18, 2014

This is always a wonderful event, not to be missed:

You are cordially invited to attend the 20th Annual conference sponsored by the Center on Law, Ethics and National Security to take place here at Duke Law School on Friday, February 28th and Saturday morning, March 1st. The theme of this year’s conference is “LAWshaping in National Security, the Past, the Progress, the Path Ahead.”

We will address a wide variety of subjects including surveillance, cyberwar, drones, the role of the courts in national security issues, sexual assault in the armed forces, presidential power and national security, developments in international humanitarian law (law of armed conflict), ethical issues in national security law and much more. We have a superstar collection of expert speakers and panelists, including four Federal judges, the General Counsel of the Department of Defense, the Deputy Undersecretary of the Department of Homeland Security, the General Counsel of the Office of the Director of National Security, the President of the American Bar Association, active duty military lawyers, as well as experts from Human Rights Watch and a variety of law schools.

The conference agenda, registration information, and other materials are found here:

The conference reception and dinner on Friday evening, February 28th will be at the beautiful Washington Duke Inn. The guest speaker will be Mr. Stephen W. Preston, formerly the General Counsel of the Central Intelligence Agency, and currently the General Counsel of the Department of Defense. You can imagine how interesting his talk is going to be! This is really an event not to missed!

An added bonus to this year’s event is a pre-conference panel (co-sponsored with the Women’s Law Student Association) at 12:15 on Thursday, February 27th addressing Opportunities for Women in National Security Law. Yes, the focus is on women, but I guarantee it will be of interest to both genders.

Everyonemust register to attend, so please sign up now!(If you prefer, a mailable/faxable hard copy registration form is attached.) Please register early as the conference fills up very rapidly!!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Hope to see you at the conference!!!

Charlie Dunlap

Charles J. Dunlap, Jr.

Major General, USAF (Ret.)

Executive Director, Center on Law, Ethics and National Security

and Professor of the Practice of Law

Duke University School of Law

210 Science Drive

Box 90358

Durham, NC 27708-0358


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nationalsecuritylaw PPD 28 – Signals Intelligence Activities (read this and skip the NSA speech)

January 17, 2014


nationalsecuritylaw upcoming event/opportunity for training: BYU-ICRC teaching IHL workshop on 2/7-2/8 (deadline to apply: 1/17)

January 3, 2014

BYU and the ICRC are hosting an IHL teacher training event on February 7 and 8th in Provo. Registration is $250. There is more info and the agenda here: Registration deadline is January 17th.

nationalsecuritylaw upcoming event: International Human Rights Law Book Launch & Speaker on Rule of Law in Afghanistan (Jan. 10)

January 2, 2014




Event Location

Truman National Security Project and Center For National Policy
One Massachusetts Ave. NW Suite 333
Washington D.C. , DC 20001

Last month was the anniversary of the United Nations’ adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in 1948. Arguably, UDHR is one of the most important documents in mankind’s history. We can commemorate the occasion on January 10 in Washington, DC at the Truman National Security Project/Center for National Policy.

Truman Project Defense Council Members Andrew Borene and Alice Beauheim Borene will discuss the process and impetus for publishing their new book "The International Human Rights Law Sourcebook" published by the American Bar Association.

They will introduce their co-editor and former U.S. State Department Senior Rule of Law Director in Kandahar, Michael Sullivan, who has just recently returned from several years of leading development efforts in Afghanistan. Michael will also share stories of his long career in international human rights law which has included election monitoring in the Balkans and helping to draft the Iraqi Constitution. Michael has received multiple accolades for his work in some of the world’s harshest locales and he has a compelling method of teaching the value of human rights to military and political leaders in the developing world.


This comprehensive sourcebook edited by Alice Beauheim Borene, Andrew Borene & Michael Sullivan, is a compilation of important human rights documents: universal declartion of human rights, international covenant on civil and political rights, UN documents and many more that are critical to understanding and promoting human rights. As part of a sister volume (The International Humanitarian Law Sourcebook – being released in Spring of 2014), together or individually each serves as an excellent resource to anyone involved in understanding and defending the current laws and rules. Students, professors, lawyers, human rights activists and those interested in the legal regime governing human rights litigation and policy should not be without this single-source for the increasingly important body of law.
Image removed by sender.This comprehensive collection of international human rights and humanitarian law serves as an excellent resource for students, professors, and anyone involved in the challenging task of defending rights in times of peace or war."- Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch

"Together The International Humanitarian Law Sourcebook and International Human Rights Law Sourcebook combine to provide an unrivaled resource for students and professors who are seeking to access the current laws and international rules established by complementary treaties and customs."
Admiral James Stavridis, US Navy (Ret.), Dean at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Former Supreme Allied Commander & Commander U.S. European Command

"These sister volumes containing the foundational texts of international humanitarian and human rights law provide a comprehensive and invaluable
resource for humanitarian operations, national security, and human security. Beauheim Borene, Borene, and Sullivan have done the security and
humanitarian communities a critical service by assembling these volumes, which will be essential tools for thousands of legal professionals."
Dr. Rachel Kleinfeld, Senior Associate Rule of Law Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Founder of the Truman National Security Project