nationalsecuritylaw upcoming event: ICRC/Pepperdine Interactive IHL Training (January 11-13, 2013)

A very interesting event upcoming at Pepperdine:

The ICRC and Pepperdine Law are partnering to organize an Interactive IHL training session on January 11-13 at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. The training is open to participants with an international law background, law professors teaching or interested in teaching international law courses related to IHL, and humanitarian and legal practitioners. The training will be using response-based technology (Turning Technologies Clickers) to place participants in an operational environment where they will have to concretely apply the knowledge gained through presentations and lectures.

I see two big benefits for faculty considering attending: first, the course is a great refresher on IHL; second, it will introduce participants to ways that clickers can be used in the classroom. (I suppose a third benefit, is being in Malibu in January).

The flyer is attached, and more information is available here.

The workshop schedule is available here:

Anyone with questions should feel free to contact me at the information listed below.


Greg McNeal

Application form.docx


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