nationalsecuritylaw reading recommendations for courses on drone surveillance and terrorism sentencing

August 15, 2012

Longtime listservers know I don’t normally permit use of the list for member queries, but this one is very interesting, so here goes:

Professor Steven Morrison writes to solicit your collective thoughts on what readings to assign with respect to two very innovative seminars he is planning. If you have thoughts, please don’t write back to me or to the list, but rather write directly to him at steven.r.morrison. Steve writes:

This semester I will be running two seminars–one on (domestic) drone surveillance and the Fourth Amendment, and one on the sentencing of terrorism defendants. I’m wondering if you would be willing to facilitate a bit of crowdsourcing. I have a good idea of what sources I’d like to use, but might you be able to put a shout out on the national security listserv for suggested readings? These two seminars are outgrowths of my work in these areas for NACDL. If this isn’t appropriate for the listserv, I perfectly understand, but I’d still like to hear your thoughts on good readings.