nationalsecuritylaw Release of Volume 88 Naval War College International Law Studies Blue Book “Non-International Armed Conflict in the Twenty-first Century”

From the Naval War College:

Dear Friends and Colleagues of the Naval War College International Law Department:

On behalf of Professor Mike Schmitt, please be advised we have digitally published volume 88 of the International Law Studies "Blue Book" series. As many of you know, the Blue Book has served as an invaluable resource for scholars and practitioners of international law since 1901. Volume 88 is entitled "Non-International Armed Conflict in the Twenty-first Century." A copy of volume 88 may be downloaded for free from the Blue Book link on the Stockton research portal at jayne.vanpetten or calling + 1 (401) 841-4949.

With best regards,


LtCol George Cadwalader, Jr., USMC

International Law Department

Center for Naval Warfare Studies

Naval War College

686 Cushing Rd.

Newport, RI 02841

401-841-6567 (DSN prefix 841)

Fax: (401) 841-3989


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