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April 10, 2012

For those considering course materials for next year, I have the following message from Professor Norm Abrams of UCLA:

> Dear Colleagues,

> You should by now have received the print copy of the Teacher’s Manual for my Anti-terrorism and Criminal Enforcement (4th ed. 2012, West) casebook. If you did not, see below for how to order a printed copy or how to access a copy electronically.

> If you have any thoughts about the possibility of teaching an advanced, domestic terrorism law course, you should examine this Teacher’s Manual. It provides a convenient birdseye view of the issues treated in the book–differences between a civilian prosecution of ordinary crime and of terrorism offenses and a comparison of the latter with prosecution in military commissions proceedings, through an examination of differences in evidentiary rules, both constitutional and legislative, offenses and criminal procedures. I think you will find the treatment of the various issues surrounding the FISA of particular interest.

> As you will see from the Teacher’s Manual, a terrorism course focused in this way turns out to be a very teachable, advanced course, on a subject in which, as you know, today’s students are very interested.

> All best wishes,

> Norm Abrams

Review Copy: Professors who would like to review a print copy of this manual may request a complimentary copy by emailing their account manager at westacademic. Please refer to ISBN 9780314272140.

West Academic Publishing is pleased to announce that the Teacher’s Manual to Anti-Terrorism and Criminal Enforcement, Fourth Edition is now available for downloading on Law School Exchange.

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