nationalsecuritylaw follow up on United States v. Stone (plea agreement)

Shortly after sending out the post below, I learned that David and Joshua Stone have now pled to a weapons charge (see the attached document), bringing the case to a close.


United States v. Stone (E.D. Mich. Mar. 27, 2012) (granting motion to acquit in Hutaree seditious conspiracy case)

The 28-page opinion is posted here. In brief, Judge Roberts concluded that the government had not presented sufficient evidence in its case-in-chief to sustain the possibility of a conviction on the core conspiracy charges—there were many “vile” statements and the like, but no real agreement, she concludes—and therefore granted the Rule 29 motion as to seven total counts in the indictment. The case will now continue as to other counts against two of the defendants.

stone pleas.pdf

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