nationalsecuritylaw upcoming event: U.S. / Israel Comparative NSL Event @ WCL on 3/27

March 22, 2012

My friend Steve Vladeck writes in with the following announcement:

For interested D.C.-area readers, we’re hosting what should be a fascinating panel discussion here at American University Washington College of Law next Tuesday (March 27), from 1-3 p.m., on “U.S. and Israeli National Security Law: What Can Each Learn From the Other?” In particular, the panelists (Amichai Cohen from Ono Academic College Faculty of Law, Jen Daskal from Georgetown, Laura Dickinson from GW, and Hadar Harris from WCL) will contrast U.S. and Israeli approaches to (1) targeted killings; (2) administrative detention / right to trial / military commissions; and (3) anticipatory self-defense and the broader relationship between IHL and IHRL.

The flyer is here. Folks interested in attending can register (and find more details) here.

03.27.2012 – Flyer.pdf