nationalsecuritylaw upcoming event: Georgetown’s National Security Law Society,

March 9, 2012

The Georgetown National Security Law Society is hosting at Georgetown University Law Center on Monday, March 12, from 4-6pm. The event is entitled, "Defining ‘National Security’ for the 21st Century," and I have attached the flier to this email.


nationalsecuritylaw call for proposals: International Law Weekend

March 9, 2012

The American Branch of the International Law Association writes in with this call for proposals:

In anticipation of the weekend before St. Patrick’s day (or the Ides of March, if you prefer), I wanted to remind everyone we are seeking proposals for the International Law Weekend.

Please drop by our web site at:

The overall theme of ILW 2012 is Ideas, Institutions, and Interests – Dynamics of Change in International Law. International Law Weekend is sponsored and organized by the American Branch of the International Law Association ("ABILA") – which welcomes new members from academia, the practicing bar, and the diplomatic world – and the International Law Students Association ("ILSA"). ILW 2012 will be held in conjunction with the 91st annual meeting of the American Branch.

It will be held on October 25-27, 2012, in New York City.

nationalsecuritylaw call for submissions: States of Surveillance: Counter-Terrorism and Comparative Constitutionalism Call for Papers

March 9, 2012

From our friends at the University of New South Wales – a terrific event in Australia in December 2012:

Please find attached a Call for papers for theInternational Association of Constitutional Law Research Group Workshop “States of Surveillance: Counter-Terrorism and Comparative Constitutionalism”. The Workshop will be hosted by the Laureate Fellowship: Anti-Terror Laws and the Democratic Challenge and the Gilbert + Tobin Centre for Public Law in December 2012.

GT IACL workshop.pdf

GT IACL workshop Email.pdf