nationalsecuritylaw upcoming event: “After Afghanistan: Where to from Here?” Duke Law, April 13 & 14

February 20, 2012

This is always a top-flight event. From Charlie Dunlap of Duke:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am writing to invite you to attend the Center on Law, Ethics and National Security conference here at Duke Law School on Friday, April 13th and Saturday, April 14th. Attendance is free, but you must register to attend,

This year’s theme is After Afghanistan: Where To From Here? The conference will be examining the state and future of national security law-related issues in the era beyond active battlefields, including dealing with persisting threats of technology-empowered terrorists and with rising peer-competitors.

To do this, we have assembled a prestigious group of scholars, policymakers and commentators who will take an interdisciplinary approach to all these issues from both a legal and a policy perspective. For example, our luncheon and dinner speakers this year are General Michael Hayden (USAF, Ret.), former director of the CIA; Mr. Will Gunn, General Counsel, Department of Veterans Affairs, and Dr. Mac Owens, Professor of National Security Affairs at the Naval War College.

We will be addressing developments and trends in homegrown terrorism, international coalition operations, international human rights, judicial deference in national security cases, and the international law of armed conflict.

Several wholly new areas will be addressed. For example, a panel will focus on The Intersection of National Security Law Issues and International Business Enterprises.Additionally, there will be a presentation on the ethical issues of national security law practice. The full conference agenda is attached.

As I say, the conference is free, but you must register to attend.

To register, fill out the attached julian. Or you can download it and drop it in the mail to

LENS, Duke University School of Law, Box 90358, Durham NC 27708-0358.

You will see on the registration form that you do have to pay for meals. The dinner (General Hayden will speak) will take place at the Washington Duke Inn which is really a spectacular location.

Hope to see you at the conference – seating is limited so please register early!!!!! Thanks, Charlie Dunlap

Charles J. Dunlap, Jr.

Major General, USAF (Ret.)

Executive Director, Center on Law, Ethics and National Security and

Visiting Professor of the Practice

Duke University School of Law

210 Science Drive

Box 90358

Durham, NC 27708-0358


LENS Conference Agenda.pdf

Registration Form.pdf