nationalsecuritylaw The Fourth Annual National Security Law Workshop (this Thursday and Friday at the US Army JAG School)

* Upcoming Event: The Fourth Annual National Security Law Workshop (this Thursday and Friday at the US Army JAG School)

I’m pleased to report that the Fourth Annual National Security Law Workshop is shaping up to be the best one yet. Geoff Corn and I started this event several years ago, in partnership with the ICRC and the US Army JAG School, with an event at Wake Forest. The past two years we’ve had it in Austin, and now this year’s event will take place at the JAG School in Charlottesville. As you’ll see from the agenda below, we’ve got a great lineup of papers, speakers, presentations, and discussions. All of our space is now booked up, unfortunately, but please keep the event in mind for next year!

Day 1 – Thursday, 19 May

0800-0815 – Introduction

0815-0915 – Paper #1 (MAJ Todd Lindquist – Transnational law enforcement) / Discussant: Prof. Bobby Chesney, UT

0930-1100 – Presentation #1 (LTC Gary Corn, JCS – JCS Legal issues)

1110-1210 – Paper #2 (Prof. Kate Jastram, U Cal, Berkeley – Complementarity) / Discussant: Major Jeremy Marsh

1210-1300 – Lunch (Catered – 5th Floor)

1300-1400 – Paper #3 (Prof. Kevin Cieply, John Marshall – Rape as a War Crime) / Discussant: Prof. Geoff Corn, S Tex

1410-1500 – Paper #4 (Prof. Laurie Blank, Emory – Operationalizing ROE) / LTC Jeff Bovarnick

1510 – 1630 – Roundtable Panel #1 / Discussion – Libya

Day 2 – Friday, 20 May

0800-0900 – Paper #5 (Capt Iain Pedden – IHL/IHRL/COIN) / Discussant: Prof. Beth Van Schaak, Santa Clara

0900-1030 – Presentation #2 (MAJ Shane Reeves – Means & Methods of Warfare)

1040-1140 – Paper #6 (Prof. Deborah Pearlstein – Civ-Mil Relations) / Discussant: Dick Jackson, OTJAG I-Law

1140-1300 – Lunch (Darden Business School)

1300-1400 – Paper #7 (Prof. Steve Vladek, American U – Exceptional Courts) / Discussant: Prof. Dave Glazier, Loyola

1410-1500 – Paper #8 (Major Andy Gillman – Proportionality) / Discussant: Prof. Scott Sullivan, LSU

1510-1630 – Roundtable Panel / Discussion – The UBL Operation


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