nationalsecuritylaw Call for papers for NSL/Con Law event in Milan (Deadline April 24); Video from habeas-in-times-of-crisis event at Oklahoma

1. Reminder: Call for Papers: “Secrecy, National Security, and the Vindication of Constitutional Law,” Conference at Bocconi University, Milan (Italy) December 1-2, 2011 (DEADLINE: APRIL 24TH!)

On behalf of the IACL Research Group on Constitutional Responses to Terrorism, we hereby invite proposals in the form of abstracts for papers to be delivered at an international conference on “Secrecy, National Security, and the Vindication of Constitutional Law” hosted by Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, on December 1-2, 2011.

In virtually every nation, assertions of the need for secrecy on matters of counterterrorism policy and practice have created tensions with efforts to ensure transparency, accountability and procedural fairness. We are open to proposals that seek to bring comparative analysis to bear on how best to mediate these tensions. Issues that authors might want to address could include, for example:

– the challenge of secrecy to democratic lawmaking on counterterrorism policy;

– the use of “secrecy” privileges to block litigation challenging allegedly illegal government programs;

– the use of classified evidence against individuals or organizations to freeze their assets, designate them as terrorist, or justify other restraints on their liberty;

– the use of “anonymous” witnesses who testify without revealing their identity;

– the closure of criminal trials and other proceedings to the public;

– and the adoption of secret coercive programs without transparent legal justification, such as the US’s coercive interrogation practices or targeted killing program.

Scholars are invited to address in a comparative frame the ways that various constitutional systems have sought to balance the tension between accountability, transparency, and fairness on the one hand, and secrecy and security on the other.

The conference will last a day and a half and will also feature the participation of Lord Justice Stephen Sedley (Court of Appeal of England and Wales) as well as professors Daphne Barak-Erez (University of Tel Aviv), David Cole (Georgetown University), Kent Roach (University of Toronto), Martin Scheinin (European University Institute) and Arianna Vedaschi (Bocconi University). Abstract proposals for papers of max. 500 words should be emailed, along with the author’s cv, to federico.fabbrini by April 24, 2011. Once abstracts are accepted, papers will be due November 1, 2011 to permit exchange of drafts prior to the conference.


Prof. David Cole, Georgetown University, Research Group Chair

Prof. Arianna Vedaschi, Bocconi University, Host

Federico Fabbrini, European University Institute, Research Group Coordinator

2. Video from “Habeas Corpus: Law and Legitimacy in Times of Crisis” (Mar. 25, 2011) (University of Oklahoma, Institute for the American Constitutional Heritage)

[Click on the session title below to get the video]

Lee Kovarsky
Gordon Silverstein

Paul Halliday
Steve Vladeck
Justin Wert
Mark Graber

Judge Raymond Randolph
David Cole


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