nationalsecuritylaw upcoming event: ICRC report on Customary IHL (webcast on April 14)

* upcoming event: ICRC report on Customary IHL (webcast on April 14)

From the ICRC:

Dear Colleagues,

On 30 March, the ICRC will launch State practice of 30 countries onto the new customary IHL database. This is the first of a series of updates of national practice which have been developed in association with the British Red Cross.

To mark this important event, the ICRC will host a webcast on 14 April at 15h00 Central European Time (duration: 60 minutes).

Legal experts will discuss the relevance of customary IHL in their work, how it is being applied in practice, and provide a perspective on the future of this body of law. They will examine a range of issues including: Does customary IHL make a difference for victims of armed conflict? Who is bound by it? And how can it be enforced? How do non-governmental organizations or international courts and tribunals use customary IHL? What is the methodology used to establish new rules of customary IHL?

The webcast will also highlight how customary rules of IHL and related practice can be accessed in the ICRC’s online database.

The webcast presenters will include:

Jean-Marie Henckaerts, ICRC Legal Advisor and co-author of the Customary IHL study, Geneva, Switzerland

Romaric Ferraro, ICRC Legal Advisor, Bogota, Colombia

James Ross, Legal and Policy Director, Human Rights Watch, New York, USA

They will be available to answer questions from participants. The questions can be sent in advance of the webcast.

Registration and submission of questions

To participate in the webcast and submit your questions, please register as from today by clicking onto:<blocked>

Customary IHL Database

To access the customary IHL database, please to go:<blocked>

We hope you will be able to join us for this discussion, and if you know of anyone who might be interested in this event, please do not hesitate to forward this invitation to them.

Kind regards,

Jean-Marie Henckaerts, outgoing Head of Project Customary IHL Els Debuf, incoming Head of Project Customary IHL International Committee of the Red Cross, Legal Division


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