nationalsecuritylaw terrific opportunity for students interested in national security and the law

* Tikvah-Hertog Summer Institute on Law and National Security (Columbia Law, July 31st to August 9)

This is going to be really cool. Please pass this along to any students who might be interested (see the attached flyer as well).

The Tikvah Fund and the Hertog Foundation, two private foundations, are sponsoring the Tikvah-Hertog Summer Institute on Law and National Security, which will take place under the auspices of Columbia Law School from July 31 to August 9. The Institute will offer 20 to 25 law and other graduate students an intensive program of study and discussion focusing on the complex intersection of two fundamental Western principles: the need for national security and adherence to the rule of law. The Institute’s website is at The Institute’s flyer, which appears on the website, is attached here for ease of reference.

The program will be led by Philip Bobbitt of Columbia. The other core faculty members will be Jack Goldsmith of Harvard, Sam Rascoff of NYU, and Gabriella Blum of Harvard. Students will spend each morning with core faculty studying texts on the issues of domestic and international law that arise when a liberal society faces heightened threats to its national security.

In the afternoons, students and core faculty will be joined by an extremely interesting group of outside scholars and policymakers, whose names appear on the website, for further discussion of the issues raised in the morning sessions.

The program is open to law students, including those who are about to enter or have just graduated from law school, and to graduate students in related fields. Students will be provided with meals and lodging at Columbia Law School. The program is free, and each student who is accepted will receive a stipend of $1,000.

In sum, the Institute will provide an excellent experience and a good deal for those students who are up to the program’s demands.

Tikvah Law Flyer.pdf


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