Commission of Inquiry Report: “Air India Flight 182: A Canadian Tragedy”

* Commission of Inquiry Into the Investigation of the Bombing of Air India Flight 182, “Air India Flight 182: A Canadian Tragedy” (June 17, 2010)

The final report of Canada’s Commission of Inquiry in the bombing of Air India Flight 182 has just been published. Needless to say, this should be of interest to all of those who are interested in questions of intelligence/criminal investigative cooperation, the legal regulation of the two, and a host of other terrorism-related issues. The various components are as follows:

Remarks by Commissioner John C Major, June 17, 2010

Key Findings of the Commission

A Guide to the Report

Report Table Of Contents

  • Volume 1
    The Overview
  • Volume 2
    Part 1: Pre-Bombing
    Part 2: Post-Bombing Investigation and Response
  • Volume 3
    The Relationship between Intelligence and Evidence and the Challenges of Terrorism Prosecutions
  • Volume 4
    Aviation Security
  • Volume 5
    Terrorist Financing
  • Reader’s Guide
    Acronyms and Key Names

Research Studies
Table Of Contents

  • Volume 1
    Threat Assessment RCMP/CSIS Co-operation
  • Volume 2
    Terrorism Financing, Charities, and Aviation Security
  • Volume 3
    Terrorism Prosecutions
  • Volume 4
    The Unique Challenges of Terrorism Prosecutions

To order printed copies of the Commission’s report, please contact Government of Canada Publications.

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