upcoming opportunity: the National Security Law Institute

March 12, 2010

* The National Security Law Institute (sponsored by the University of Virginia School of Law’s Center for National Security Law)

I am pleased to forward the call for applications for this year’s National Security Law Institute.

Having taken the course myself, and from time to time since then having had the privilege to serve as one of the course instructors, I am a big fan of NSLI and commend it to you. It’s a rare chance to spend an extended period closely examining a wide array of national security law issues, in company with interesting people from a wide variety of professional backgrounds. Details appear below, and there is more in the attached document.

Call for Applications

EIGHTEENTH NATIONAL SECURITY LAW INSTITUTE (Center for National Security Law, UVA Law School), May 30-June 11, 2010.

The University of Virginia School of Law’s Center for National Security Law (CNSL) is accepting applications from professors and government practitioners for the 18th National Security Law Institute (NSLI), a highly intensive, two-week training program designed primarily to help prepare professors of law and related disciplines to teach in this rapidly growing field. From its inception in 1991, the Institute also accepts applications from government lawyers with responsibilities in this area. There is a $1,000 fee for each participant, which includes tuition, hotel accommodations, and most meals. Participants must provide their own transportation to Charlottesville, Virginia. Each recipient will receive a free copy of the latest edition of the Center’s 1400-page casebook, National Security Law, and the supplemental volume, National Security Law Documents (more than a $200 value).

Founded in April 1981 by Professors John Norton Moore and Robert F.

Turner, CNSL was the world’s first nonpartisan, nonprofit research institute designed to promote interdisciplinary advanced scholarship and education about legal issues affecting the national security of the United States. Moore began teaching the nation’s first course on “Law and National Security” in 1969, and between them Moore and Turner chaired the ABA Standing Committee on Law and National Security seven times during the 1980s and early 1990s. The NSLI is also open to lawyers from foreign governments, and over the years government lawyers from six continents have participated.

Additional information can be found on the NSLI Web site:

ddg or fax (434) 982-2622.

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opinions issued in two February cases denying habeas to GTMO detainees; Journal of National Security Law & Policy soliciting articles

March 12, 2010

1. Opinions issued in two GTMO detainee habeas cases that were decided in the government’s favor in February (both in the Al Adahi v. Obama litigation)

The underlying opinions are now available. For now I am just sending the links; time permitting I will later circulate an overview of each.

Fahmi Salem Al-Assani:


Suleiman Awadh Bin Agil Al-Nahdi:


2. Journal of National Security Law & Policy – submissions welcome through April

JNSL&P is seeking submissions for full-length papers, between now and the end of April. Please contact Bill Banks (wcbanks) or Molly Pyle (mpyle) if you are interested. Also, check out JNSL&P’s new website: http://jnslp.com/