Al Sattar v. Obama; Noori v. Obama; HPSCI hearing re notification laws; national security archive blog

1. Al Sattar v. Obama (D.D.C. Oct. 21, 2009) (GTMO habeas)

Judge Bates has granted the government’s motion to dismiss this habeas petition (without prejudice), on the ground that counsel has been unable to obtain al Sattar’s consent to the representation (al Sattar has declined on five occasion to meet with counsel, it appears, and tore up a letter from counsel asking him to reconsider and to authorize their representation).   The short opinion explaining the decision appears here.

2. Noori v. Obama (D.D.C. Oct. 22, 2009) (GTMO habeas)

Judge Urbina has given putative counsel in this GTMO habeas proceeding 30 days to make a second attempt to secure authorization for representation, and has stayed consideration of the government’s motion to dismiss in the interim.  The opinion ishere.

3. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Subcommittee on Intelligence Community Management, Hearing on Congressional Notification of Intelligence Activities (Oct. 22, 2009)

Two substantive statements for the record are here:

Mr. L. Britt Snider
Former Inspector General, Central Intelligence Agency

Mr. Fritz A.O. Schwarz
Former Chief Counsel, Church Committee

4. New blog from the National Security Archive

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