PATRIOT renewal bill passes Senate Judiciary

I’ve not yet read the details of the various successful amendments listed below, but reports suggest that this is pretty much a straight renewal except for the addition of a new audit requirement and the slight modification to the standard for seeking a section 215 order where a library is involved:

S. 1692, USA PATRIOT Act Sunset Extension Act of 2009 (Leahy, Cardin, Kaufman)

Ordered Reported by Roll Call Vote: 11 – 8

Amendment HEN09A01 (Kyl)
Adopted by Voice Vote

Amendment HEN09A02 (Kyl)
Adopted by Roll Call Vote: 14 – 4

Amendment HEN09A04 (Sessions)
Adopted by Voice Vote

Amendment HEN09A06 (Sessions)
Adopted by Voice Vote

Amendment HEN09A07 (Durbin)
Rejected by Roll Call Vote: 4 – 15

Amendment HEN09A10 (Sessions)
Adopted by Voice Vote

Amendment HEN09A13 (Sessions)
Adopted by Voice Vote

Amendment HEN09908 (Feingold)

Amendment HEN09950 (Feingold)
Rejected by Roll Call Vote: 3 – 16

Amendment HEN09991 (Feingold)
Adopted by Voice Vote

Amendment HEN09999 (Sessions)
Adopted by Voice Vote

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