United States v. Zazi (D. Col.); legislative proposal to add new mens rea element to the 1996 material support statute

September 20, 2009

1.. United States v. Zazi (D.Col.)

In a story that has received a significant amount of media attention over the past few days, FBI agents in Colorado have arrested Najibullah Zazi (a lawful permanent resident hailing from Afghanistan) and his father, Mohammed Wali Zazi (a naturalized US citizen originally from Afghanistan), while FBI agents in New York have arrested Ahmad Wais Afzali (a lawful permanent resident hailing from Afghanistan).  The men are charged with making false statements to the FBI in violation of 18 USC 1001(a)(2). Ordinarily that offense is punishable by a maximum sentence of five years, but the maximum is eight years where, as may be the case here, the false statement relates to an offense amounting to “international terrorism” as defined in 18 USC 2331(1). Read the rest of this entry »