Today’s executive orders on GTMO, interrogation, detention, and Al-Marri

January 22, 2009

* Today’s executive orders on GTMO, CIA detention and interrogation, and the Al-Marri case

Attached are copies of the four new executive orders.  A brief overview of each follows below.  The long and short of it is that a variation of the NSC principals’ committee will have 6 months to come up with new policies on detention, interrogation, and transfer; GTMO must be shuttered within one year, one way or another; CIA detention is over; and the government will do its best to resolve Al-Marri’s status before it must file a merits brief in that case.

The GTMO closure order

This order appears to track the draft version about which I posted earlier.  Please see that earlier post.  Short version: all the expected options are to be used to effect closure in 1 year. Read the rest of this entry »

draft of today’s forthcoming executive order re:GTMO

January 22, 2009

* draft of today’s forthcoming GTMO executive order

The ACLU has posted what appears to be the draft executive order, to be issued formally later today, regarding GTMO and the CIA.  See it here.

I reprint and summarize the key passages below.  Note that the draft order holds the door open to prosecution options other than federal criminal prosecution, and in fact appears to leave the door open to non-criminal detention methods. Read the rest of this entry »